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Monthly Archives: December 2014


I was introduced to the MagPod by my friend Beau. When he first described it to me I had a hard time visualizing what he was talking about. Time passed and I forgotten all about it, until he came by the house with a pre-production MagPod. Once I saw it, everything made perfect sense. After … Continue reading »

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Delta P Design Brevis II suppressor

Delta P Design recently launched their new website and announced a new product line called the Brevis II. The Brevis II is the second generation of the original Brevis line of suppressors. Dane, Tyler, Janae, Aron and I were able to head out into the Southern Nevada desert to test and evaluate these products. Our … Continue reading »

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PRG Defense: RAPTAR ES U.S. Distributor Potomac River Group 703-771-3003 Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module (RAPTAR ES): The RAPTAR ES (Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module) available from PRG Defense is an incredible piece of equipment. This version is equipped with a Class I IR laser making it available to civilians and not restricted by the F.D.A. The RAPTAR ES … Continue reading »

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