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Monthly Archives: November 2013

LV Steel Targets LLC

LV Steel Targets are made of AR-500 steel plate. They are tough enough to withstand virtually any center fire cartridge. LV Steel Targets offer both static and reactive targets. You can choose different options depending on your desired amount reactiveness. LV Steel Targets LLC / New Models from Mark Dalzell on Vimeo. Kurt Stone is … Continue reading »

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Angled Shooting

I wanted to share what I have learned about angled shooting. When the guys and I started out, we would constantly push ourselves to learn more. We covered things like range estimation, moving targets and angles. Before I really started researching I would hear different things, from different people. Some folks said, you would impact … Continue reading »

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2013 Mule Deer Foundation Banquet

Bill, Dane and I attended another great Mule Deer Foundation banquet! We were able to attend as guests of Wood Brothers Field Service. Wood Brother Field Service is based out of Las Vegas and has been a supporter of the Mule Deer Foundation for years. We had a great time and enjoyed the evening with … Continue reading »

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6.5mm Short Action Ultra Magnum

In the spirit of transparency I have to start by admitting this project was somewhat encouraged by alcohol. That is one of the dangers of going over to Bill’s house. You drink a few beers, then Bill pulls out a bad ass rifle for hunting season and you just have to build one too! After … Continue reading »

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