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2013 Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge AAR

Posted on February 18, 2013


Tyler F.

Tyler finished 8th place!

Members of Sin City Precision finished the 2013 Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge in Arizona this weekend and we all had a great time. The match was extremely well run with very little down time and a lot of unique and dynamic stages! Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters and the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club hosted precision rifle shooters from all over the country. The RO’s were very professional and we thank them for their time! Without them a match of this caliber would not be possible.

We would also like to thank all of the sponsors who supported this match. Their support helps our sport grow and ensure it has a feature. Many sponsors stepped up big time to help with feeding the shooters, providing prizes, targets and sponsored many of the stages. Everyone who shot the match walked away with great prizes. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity!


POF-USA certificate for a P308 rifle!

I would like to congratulate my team mates Dane and Tyler on their impressive finishes. Dane took 5th place and Tyler 8th place. The skill with a precision rifle they both displayed was impressive to say the least! This match was no walk in the park and I would like to congratulate everyone who shot it. The course of fire was both mentally and physically demanding, just finishing the match is an impressive feat for any precision rifle shooter and their equipment.

Of the three evolutions I have to admit the “Wash” was my favorite! I really enjoyed the props and the stages that incorporated movement like the River run, the Culvert and That Damn Rock. The Hooch was also another one I really enjoyed. The Scrambler made another appearance this year and proved to be as much of a challenge as I remember from last years RO match. Traversing the Scrambler quickly is not easy to do without knocking yourself and your rifle around a bit. The Goat Rope stage was also another good one and you got to go down a slide!

Bill W.

Bill receiving his match coin

The “Short” course was also a lot of fun and you fired a good amount of rounds in a short time frame. I was thankful I set my barrel back before the match, on more than one occasion my barrel was pretty toasty! I really liked the ”solve the problem” flexibility given to the shooters. The hanging barricade was fun as well as the ladder stage and obstacle course.

The long range evolution gave me fits and was a rough way to start the match. I just couldn’t adapt quickly enough to the wind. I especially liked the Tank Trap prop and Hostage stage (inside joke.. Matt). As I mentioned before the RO’s did a great job keeping things moving and we appreciate them taking the time so we could do some shooting.

Dane finished 5th

Dane receiving his 5th place trophy

I really like how they did the scoring with the carbon copy sheets for the stages. It allowed you to keep track of your progress throughout the match. The match booklets contained thorough stage course descriptions and target distances. The Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge is a top notch match and I encourage shooters to participate. Everyone who made it out to shoot the match walked away with great prizes, thanks to the many sponsors. I look forward to shooting the TPRC again in the future and have many positive memories of spending time with team mates, good friends and making new ones! Great job AZ LRPRS and thank you!

Aron S.

Aron receiving his match coin!

Match Sponsors:

Patriot Ordnance Factory
Score High Gunsmithing
Specialized Dynamics
US Optics
Vortex Optics
Voodoo Tactical
Galati International
Manners Composite Stocks
Rock Solid Stocks
XLR Industries
Rock Creek Barrels
SureFire, LLC
Thunderbeast Suppressors
Victor Company
Sniper’s Hide
Mile High Shooting Accessories
TAB Gear
Rifles Only
GA Precision
Spartan Precision Rifles
Peerless Rifle Company
Francis Kuehl
Bartlein Barrels
Berger Bullets
Copper Creek Ammo
Sierra Bullets
Timney Triggers
BT Industries
Storm Tactical
Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting by Bryan Litz
Butch’s Gun Shop

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